Capitalism cannot exist without poverty, oppression, war, and ecological destruction. It ensures massive wealth and power for very few by impoverishing billions. We already understand how to construct superior systems that would end poverty and create a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable democracy in which everyone truly has an equal voice—but we have never successfully replaced capitalism with such a system because those who benefit most from capitalism are the most powerful people in the world.


Capitalism is the economic system based on private and usually absentee ownership of capital and the hiring of employees to work it.

• Capitalism allows one to use one’s money to make more money, and thereby tends strongly to increase the concentration of wealth into ever fewer hands while most fall steadily farther behind. (source)


• People who receive money for owning capital tend to enjoy it, and they tend to be surrounded by others who also own capital. In truth, the vast majority of mainstream society’s high-status individuals own capital and receive money for it. For these reasons, people who own capital tend to believe the system by which they receive this money is just and fair.

• As a result, those who own a great deal of capital, the very wealthy, tend to support political, economic, and judicial policies that protect capitalism and make it more profitable.


Wealth is power, so the very wealthy and their pro-capitalist ideologies control virtually every government and corporation in the world as well as most other major organizations and institutions. Through their control over institutions such as education and the media, they have even found ways to exert a heavy influence on which beliefs mainstream society considers to be common sense.


• The working class consists of everyone who must work for someone else for a living because they don’t own enough capital to live on. This includes the vast majority of humanity.

• Capitalism is a system in which the owners of capital receive a profit because the working class is systematically underpaid, so the survival of capitalism depends on the working class not fully understanding or at least not successfully challenging this exploitation.

• Because the most powerful people in the world support capitalism and want the ownership of capital to be as profitable as possible, policies are held in place that keep the working class (to varying extents among our various sections) poor, financially insecure, isolated, oppressed, distrustful, fearful, desperate, distracted, overbusy, uninformed, misinformed, and generally miserable—and therefore exploitable and strongly discouraged from fully understanding and uniting against capitalism.

• Not only that, but because capitalism is a system in which the short-term profitability of owning capital tends to trump all other concerns, capitalism cannot help but accelerate both global warming and shortages of oil, water, and other resources—and for this reason is rapidly bringing humanity toward a global catastrophe.


• In order to end this misery and avoid disaster, we must replace capitalism with another system: a true democracy where everyone is truly and factually empowered to participate politically and has equal access to capital.


• In order for capitalism to be replaced, those with the motivation and ability to accomplish this—the workers of the world—must come to power.

• In order to come to power, the working class must create organizations that will allow it to do so.

• We must work to create democratically run mass working-class organizations that can and will bring about the replacement of capitalism with a superior system.

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What system could we replace capitalism with?
There are many possibilities, but one system that not many have heard of is called Economic Democracy, and, like capitalism, it makes use of the market. Economic Democracy is definitely not the only option or even necessarily the best one, but hopefully the idea will help people better understand the way capitalism works and what is necessary to overcome it.

Towards a New Socialism, which can be downloaded for free, provides another excellent model for a post-capitalist economic system.

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